Evai Newsletter January 2022

Ok, so it wasn’t the bullish charge into 2022 that everyone was expecting Bitcoin to provide – but it’s certainly been interesting seeing who has diamond hands when standing in the middle of a bloodbath! Panic has been in the air in the midst of Fed inflation announcements, the Bank of Russia calling for a crypto ban – only to be swiftly rebuked by the Russia’s Ministry of Finance with the topic amended to regulation. Meanwhile Goldman Sachs stated of the Metaverse that they “…think this could be as much as an $8 trillion opportunity on the revenue and monetisation side.” Quite a turnaround for the same bank that called crypto a scam in 2017. Even so, at the time of writing, BTC has just lost the 37k support, making the larger correction lower before new all-time highs seem all the more plausible. Use the bears to bolster your portfolio at bargain prices while using Evai ratings to research your investments. The time is now. 2022 is going to go parabolic.

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