Evai Newsletter December 2021

2021 was an incredible year and as we kick off 2022 with a bang, it’s important to look back at just how much has been accomplished already! Even back in April when we first launched our MVP, the excitement around our crypto ratings platform – this new project which could evaluate every cryptoasset in the space through unbiased AI and ML technology – was already a talking point in the industry. We launched with just 20 assets that were evaluated and awarded daily with updated performance-based ratings. Since then, we now have over 1,000 assets listed and rated with a further 12,000 to be added in 2022. Evai.io has itself been through a raft of evolution with a sleeker design and easy-to-navigate framework. Soon we will also be launching a detailed asset specific page for each crypto including the history of the asset and details about each project.

The EVAI token launched in May showing exceptional resilience to market sway by holding steady in price – even in the midst of wild market swings. EVAI reached an ATH of $0.56 in 2021 and is set to achieve many new price milestones in 2022; it is inevitable. To create something truly remarkable takes time along with solid utility and fundamentals. Our fundamentals are academically and economically sound, with our proprietary funds adding a huge amount of value to the utility and value of the project as a whole, while showcasing the world-class ability our technology has in identifying long-term and short-term asset value.

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