Evai Unveils Efficient Frontier Portfolio Building Tools

Evai Ratings and Research DMCC has launched a new range of portfolio tools designed to meet the needs of spot and futures traders around the world.  The initial concept was developed for the DMCC and ByBit Hackathon and the award-winning concept is now live on the platform.

Evai Frontier Intelligence combines the power of the existing crypto ratings model with near time Efficient Frontier calculations to identify the best mix of assets that should be included in a portfolio. While calculating ratings for assets, the proprietary system analyses and pinpoints portfolios that demonstrate the highest performance for each asset.

The new packages available offer the option of daily and hourly insights depending on the users’ requirements. These portfolios are characterised by a list of assets and their optimal allocation percentages, which are crucial for maximising returns relative to risk.

Prime Spot Efficient Frontier

Daily insights for portfolio composition are at the core of this offering, crafted for strategic investors in the spot market. Start each day with a recommended portfolio composition derived from the latest market data. This guidance helps you adjust your holdings to reduce risk and enhance potential returns, keeping your strategy finely tuned to market dynamics.

Pro Spot Efficient Frontier

For active traders, this package delivers hourly insights into optimal portfolio composition, recalculating 24 times daily. You’ll be alerted to changes throughout the day, providing the opportunity to substantially boost your returns by acting on these insights, even if only partially followed.

Prime Futures Efficient Frontier

Receive daily updates on portfolio composition, including specific long or short asset positions. These insights are essential for aligning with current market conditions, offering a solid foundation for long-term strategic planning. Use this guidance for daily adjustments, either to capitalize on market movements or safeguard your assets.

Pro Futures Efficient Frontier

Designed for aggressive futures trading, this package offers hourly updates on portfolio composition, calculated 24 times a day. Notifications of any changes keep you informed and ready to act. By following even half of these updates, throughout the day enhances your ability to swiftly adapt to market movements, potentially increasing your returns.

How to Get Started

Simply register your free Evai account and explore the subscription packages available in the Evai dashboard. By registering your details you can unlock 30 day access to the portfolio tools and upgrade to the monthly or annual plan when you are ready.

If you want to build your trading confidence and familarise yourself with the ratings, all users have access to over 600+ free ratings along with a daily watchlist that can be used to identify crypto gems and the most promiment upgrades and downgrades each day.

Power your portfolio decision making with our Efficient Frontier insights and get started today.