AI Disruption In 2023

AI Disruption in 2023: The Future is Now

Each and every year, a new technological narrative takes over mainstream media. In the most recent years, we experienced the development of blockchain technology, the Metaverse, NFTs, decentralised finance (DeFi) and Web3, to name a few. Although Artificial Intelligence innovation has been evolving for decades, the closing months of 2022 witnessed new levels of excitement following the release of practical consumer-level AI platforms such as MidJourney and most notably, ChatGPT. The worldwide hype surrounding AI technology is not slowing down. 2023 will be a year of major growth and disruption

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How To Turn Crypto Market Volatility Into Profits

In 2022, the crypto market experienced significant volatility and uncertainty, driven by the failures of prominent projects such as $LUNA and FTX, alongside market moving announcements from the Federal Reserve. These events had a ripple effect on all financial markets including crypto, causing traders and investors to re-assess their approach. Helping remove fear and emotion from trading decisions, Evai has introduced a brand-new Trading Score feature on the Evai Crypto Ratings platform. The score updates regularly, with the current frequency set at 4 hours, however stay tuned for shorter frequencies

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The UAE is setting the stage for Crypto and Blockchain Unicorns

UAE sets the stage for Crypto and Blockchain Unicorns

Had your fill of FUD? The cryptocurrency market has been reeling and reflecting on the aftershock of the LUNA-UST fallout (and rightly so) but there are reasons to remain positive about the long-term health of Crypto and Blockchain. Determined to prove the real-world applications of Blockchain technology, accelerate adoption and attract the biggest players to the region, the UAE and particularly Dubai continues to rally on all fronts in support of businesses capable of achieving the coveted Unicorn status. At the World Economic Forum last week it was clear to

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The Bull Run – Interview with Professor Andros Gregoriou

In this edition of The Bull Run, Evai Editor in Chief Vernon Ward sits down with Professor Andros Gregoriou to discuss the development of the ratings platform, recent inflation announcements by the Fed and the upcoming AI-powered investment fund, EvaiActiveFund. VW Welcome to the first edition of a brand new podcast launching on the via YouTube channel and all the usual places where you download your podcasts. The first edition is an interview with our Chief Research Officer, Professor Andros Gregoriou, where we’ll be talking about the evolution of

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What are NFTs and why are they so valuable?

The relentless growth of NFTs shows no signs of slowing down in 2022. From original works of art to providing proof of ownership of almost any physical asset imaginable, non-fungible tokens are fast emerging from their niche in the crypto sector to find a visible and important position in the global market. The inability to recreate or divide these assets provide them with verifiable digital scarcity, making them the perfect medium to link to a particular asset as proof of ownership. Put simply, owning an ERC-721 standard token is akin

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How tokenisation will revolutionise culture as we know it

What if there was a way, outside of the traditional stock market, to become a shareholder in your favourite luxury brand or superstar? How would that work – how could that even work? European football clubs have become the first brands to realise the potential of tokenisation, giving fans the opportunity to purchase club-specific crypto tokens that rise in value, while also giving them voting rights and exclusive content, essentially making fans shareholders. So far over 24 European clubs across the five major leagues including PSG, FC Barcelona and Manchester City have

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